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My name is Danbee (단비), which in Korean means (literally) “sweet rain” and (idiomatically) “rain that comes at just the right moment”. I’m a queer Korean-American field neuroscientist and multi-disciplinary educator who spends a lot of time thinking about brains, movement, empowerment, community building, decolonisation, and the ocean. I love being in the wilderness, especially in the mountains and by the sea.

I believe art has an important role in organising and building knowledge, as a tool for helping experts across specialities collaborate and share insights. I got hooked on the neuroscience of storytelling while co-writing and choreographing an original musical called Hack, Punt, Tool (you can watch the 2017 production on YouTube). Since then I’ve written and performed a set of original “science songs”, created an interactive aquarium exhibit that collected neuroscience data from over 24,000 participants, and wrote and published a science fiction graphic novel called The First VIRS.

My dream future is full of communities of creative and cooperative people passionate about life-long learning and mutual benefit. I believe that empowering everyone to study their own nervous systems in their daily lives and making neuroscience research as accessible as possible is an important part of achieving this future.

I am currently Research and Outreach Scientist at the UK-based company NeuroGears, focusing on building collaborative projects that use storytelling and interactive experiences to help people apply scientific methods of understanding to their daily lives. I also organize and teach for the Appalachian Institute for Creative Learning, a summer enrichment camp for rising 3rd through 12th graders in the US, and Neuronautas, a summer intensive field neuroscience program for teenagers in Portugal and the UK.

If you would like to get in touch, please tweet @taunbot or email me at danbee[at]danbeekim[dot]org.

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