The First VIRS: Chapter 01 teaser, with annotated companion script

Chapter 1 cast

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Chapter 1 Cast
Art by Matteo Farinella, Lettering by Danbee Kim.


Majhee Suh:
Organometallic Chemist
PhD thesis: “Cultivating Electrophoretic Mycelium Yeast to fabricate living organic semiconductors”

Iúna Morei:
CEO of Morei Textiles, Codename “Mama Bird”

Kai Oliveira:
Bio-materials Scientist, ramen connoisseur, and operatic metal enthusiast

Vec Barbosa:
Animal technician, Veterinarian, and SCUBA diving instructor

Beatriz Cavalcanti:
Laboratory Manager, Marine Ecologist, and avid seabird watcher

Nova Jatobá:
Research Assistant, B.Sc. in Nutrition, and cryptocurrency hobbyist

Marcia Netto:
President and Director of Laboratório Nacional de Biociências e Saúde Pública

Iara Gracie:
Research Assistant, B.Sc. in Animal Husbandry, and red/white belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Felix Grael:
Research Technician, B.Sc. in Biophysics, and home-brewed beer enthusiast

Breno Leite:
Developmental Physiologist, Geneticist, and capoeirista

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