Cuttlefish Hunting Behavior: Supplemental Materials

Supplemental materials included in the paper “An experimental method for evoking and characterizing dynamic color patterning of cuttlefish during prey capture” (in prep):

Supplemental Figures

Supplemental Figure 1: The Experimental Tank
Fig. S1: The Experimental tank, showing the hunting box, with hardware setup controlling the robotic prey, inside the circular holding tank lined with LED lighting, with overhead Point Grey FlyCap2 camera. Photo by D. Kim; figure generated in Adobe Illustrator by D. Kim.
Supplemental Figure 2: Overhead view of the hunting box.
Fig. S2: Overhead view of hunting box inside the experimental tank. This image is a screenshot from the session videos recorded by the overhead PointGrey FlyCap2 camera. Figure generated in Adobe Illustrator by D. Kim.

Experimental Protocol

Read the full experimental protocol.


The full dataset for this experiment, including all videos from the overhead view monochrome camera and annotations, is shared online via the Harvard Dataverse and can be accessed here.

A low resolution version of the video dataset can be found online here:

Analysis Code Repository

All code used to analyze this dataset can be found here.

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