The First VIRS: Chapter 01 teaser, with annotated companion script

Page 9

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Chapter 1, page 9
Art by Matteo Farinella, Lettering by Danbee Kim.


“2 months later: Massachusetts, USA”

We see rolling countryside, vibrant with autumn colors, behind a low row of concrete warehouses, labeled “Morei Textiles”.

Off-panel, secretary: “Hey Iúna*, the folks from the World Health Organization are here.”

pronounced “Aye-oo-nah”

Off-panel, Iúna: “Thanks, I’ll be with them in a minute.”

We see the inside of a warehouse, where long rows of industrial looms weave SynTh textiles. Their combined activity generates a gently deafening “WHIRRRRR”. Iúna Morei, a tall shapely American woman of Portuguese descent in her early 30s, lustrous wavy brown hair pulled up into a ponytail, an infant with thick black hair strapped to her front, walks briskly and confidently towards a group of humans waiting near the main entrance of the warehouse.

Iúna smiles and yells as she waves towards her office door, just next to the entrance to the warehouse and labeled “Iúna Morei, CEO”.


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