The First VIRS: Chapter 01 teaser, with annotated companion script

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Chapter 1, page 12
Art by Matteo Farinella, Lettering by Danbee Kim.


Iúna: Tahoe, have you been able to contact Joshua Tree?

Iúna’s Biononymous contact at Green Haven Tahoe: Negative, Mama Bird.

Iúna: How is Tahoe?

Tahoe: Fire hasn’t gotten further than Fresno, but we’re getting ready to offer sanctuary.

Iúna: …was it…Portzy?

Tahoe: …no one else had a body mod, Mama Bird…

Under this dialogue, we see Iúna, who is now outside, and her baby is no longer strapped to her chest. Instead, her face is covered in a thick veil and she wears what looks like a heavy, full-sleeved and full-length apron. SynTh circuits flash within the weave of both Iúna’s veil and apron. She stands, facing west, arms flung out wide, back straight and tall, legs apart, boots planted firmly in the frosty grass.

Iúna ponders for a moment, her face furrowed with grief and concentration.

Iúna: Tahoe, I’ve changed my mind. I vote for registering as a religion.

Tahoe: …seriously?

Iúna: Yes. Portzy was right - once schools require head mods for every student, once every job requires body mods in order to be qualified…our children won’t have any choice. They’ll need body mods just to survive.”

Tahoe: But…doesn’t that feel too much like a cult??”

Iúna: That’s why I intially voted against it. But Tahoe, do you know what that group in Brazil published last week??

Tahoe: What?

Iúna: The first successful splice of SynTh with living cells - SynTh *biofilm!*“

Tahoe: …Sorry Mama Bird, I don’t follow. Why should I care about biofilm?

Iúna: Remember the mechapet idea? It’s possible now!!”

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